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Alimony (often called spousal support) is an issue that commonly arises in divorce. Like other issues in divorce, handling alimony on your own can result in serious financial losses for years to come. Make sure you work with an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests, and make sure you get an equitable alimony order or agreement.

Patricia Best Vital, founding attorney of Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services has been representing clients for more than 20 years in divorce issues that include alimony and spousal support.

Defending Your Rights in Alimony and Temporary Alimony

In Tennessee, ongoing alimony and temporary alimony are available for spouses who need the support. The courts award alimony to be paid after a divorce is finalized, and temporary alimony can be awarded while the divorce is in progress if dictated by the court or agreed upon between the couple.

Although alimony is most common for couples over 50, it is an issue that comes up in any divorce where one partner has greater income than the other. 

Alimony arrangements typically consider:

  • The length of time in a marriage

  • Each party’s ability to work and provide for themselves financially

  • Education levels and job training needs

  • Financial arrangements during the marriage such as stay-at-home parenting

Attorney Patricia Best Vital can protect your rights regarding alimony. She has experience handling issues of this kind in mediation and in litigation. She can protect your rights in the process. Whether you are the spouse who will pay or receive alimony payments, Ms. Vital will negotiate or litigate aggressively to make sure you obtain a result favorable to you and equitable to the court.

“Although the alimony calculator can determine pretty accurately how the court will determine the alimony payments, there is a lot I can do to help you. If the circumstances merit, I can petition for a deviation from the suggested payments or fight for a change in length of time that payments will be required. I also help clients with alimony modifications after divorces when there are substantial changes in circumstances.”

Patricia Best Vital

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