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After a divorce is finalized, it is not uncommon for the circumstances of one or both of the divorced spouses to change. When this happens, it is often necessary for the court to approve a modification of the divorce orders. If you are seeking a modification or if you want to contest a proposed modification from your ex-spouse, make sure to work with an experienced attorney who can explain your rights and options and protect your rights in the process.

Patricia Best Vital, founder and sole practitioner of Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services, represents clients in Chattanooga and throughout Hamilton County, Tennessee, in modifications and other divorce-related matters. Ms. Vital has more than 20 years of experience and a dedication to providing exceptional representation for her clients. She will work personally with you throughout your case to protect your rights and interests.

Change of Circumstances: Modifying Various Aspects of Your Divorce Order

Regardless of whether the details of your divorce were determined through mediation or courtroom litigation, the court needs to see a significant change in circumstances to approve a divorce modification. Attorney Patricia Best Vital can help you petition the court for a modification or contest a proposed modification regarding:

  • Child custody: It is common for the situation to change regarding child custody and parenting plans. Major career changes involving relocation or different hours, family demands in different geographic regions and changing needs of the child — like school changes, serious injuries and the development of mental or emotional special needs — can lead to a modification of custody orders.

  • Child support: Usually, child support modifications require a significant change in financial circumstances. For the paying spouse to reduce payments, it usually requires something like a job loss or major loss of income. For the other spouse, this can require increased needs to care for the child.

  • Alimony / Spousal Support: Changing spousal support or alimony is similar to changing child support, requiring a major change in circumstances for the court to approve the modification.

Attorney Patricia Best Vital represents clients who are seeking modifications as well as those who are contesting a potential modification. In many cases, she is able to help clients negotiate a modification through mediation or other alternative dispute methods rather than through litigation. By creating an agreement of this kind, the court needs to approve it, but it can save substantial time, money and stress compared to litigating the issue and result in a modification that will be favorable for both parties and equitable to the court.

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