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Experienced And Thoughtful Family Law Aid

When facing complex and potentially emotionally challenging family law issues, it is important to work with an attorney you trust. You need to be able to trust your attorney to have the experience and knowledge to handle your legal concerns, but you also need to be able to trust your attorney who cares about your situation, will listen to you and work with you to understand your goals, and help you obtain the outcome you need. Chattanooga family law attorney Patricia Best Vital, founder and sole attorney of Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services in Hamilton County, Tennessee, has diverse experience representing clients in all aspects of their divorces, including:
  • Property division: The firm handles division of assets from the simplest to the most complex, including division of retirement benefits, division of business ownership interests and other complex property division issues.
  • Child support and custody: Ms. Vital represents clients in mediation and litigation involving child-related issues that include custody, parenting plans, child support and related matters.
  • Spousal support: Alimony and spousal support remain important issues for divorcing couples. Whether you are the moneyed spouse or spouse in need of support, the firm can protect your financial interests.

Patricia Best Vital has answers to your important questions, like “What is gray divorce?” “How is military divorce different?” and “Will I be able to keep my house?”

“I have handled all types of issues for clients from all walks of life, including military couples and older couples facing divorce. With my diverse experience, I am able to provide you with good advice for the best way to proceed. I am a Tennessee- and Georgia-licensed litigator and trained and experienced mediator. I will work hard to guide you through the divorce process in a way that works for you.”

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