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At Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services, Patricia Best Vital is an experienced divorce/family law attorney who can give you guidance and point you to potential resources concerning military pensions, child support and other issues that arise in military divorce.

Attorney Vital has been handling all types of divorce matters for more than 20 years. She represents individuals needing her services in Chattanooga and the surrounding regions of Tennessee and Georgia. She understands the issues arising in these matters; and she will focus on your interests and goals.

Unique Issues in Military Divorce

When military members and their spouses enter into the divorce process, they face unique and complicated issues most people do not have to deal with. As an experienced lawyer, Ms. Vital guides her clients in the complicated aspects of military divorce which may include:

  • Division of military pensions: There are strict and complex regulations regarding the division of military pension benefits. Ms. Vital can suggest potential resources focused on protecting your rights.
  • Military custody: Creating a parenting plan is particularly challenging when one or both of the parents are in the military. It is important to handle custody matters strategically in mediation or litigation to protect your children’s rights.

“With decades of experience, I understand the issues that are involved with military divorces. Rather than just rushing into the courtroom, I want to listen to you to understand your situation so I can effectively guide you and point you to resources focused on protecting your rights and needs.”

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