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In a divorce, finances are one of the most important concerns. When facing a divorce, it is important to work with an attorney you can trust. You need a lawyer who not only has the knowledge and experience to handle the legal aspects of your case, but one who also takes your personal concerns and interests seriously.

Chattanooga property division attorney Patricia Best Vital has over 20 years of legal experience handling division of assets and other divorce issues. Serving Tennessee clients, she takes a personalized approach marked by compassion, understanding and diligent service. She will take the time to understand your financial situation, your goals and your concerns, and she will advocate to protect your interests.

Handling All Types of Asset Division Issues

Attorney Patricia Best Vital handles a wide range of issues involving division of assets. For many couples, dividing property is a simple matter and there is very little conflict involved. Other couples have perhaps greater wealth or more complex, diversified assets. Ms. Vital guides clients in dividing assets such as retirement benefits retirement benefits, investments, inheritances, real properties, military pensions and other assets. The firm represents clients of all ages and walks of life, including divorcing couples over 50.

She will walk you through the process of classifying properties, valuating and negotiating or litigating the division of marital assets.

“No two divorces are the same. Every couple has different types of assets and different levels of wealth, and something insignificant to one person in a divorce could be extremely important to someone else. When I take on a new client, I do not assume anything. Although I know the law, I do not know your situation. Whether I’m representing a client with extraordinary wealth and complicated asset division issues or handling a very simple divorce, I work to get the results that are exactly right for each client.”

Patricia Best Vital

Frequently Asked Property Division Questions

Attorney Patricia Vital has over two decades of legal experience in divorce. She has a unique understanding of Tennessee courts and both their historical and present approaches to property division.

What Property is Subject to Property Division?

Any property acquired or substantially altered during your marriage is classified as marital property. This means that if you bought a house, opened a retirement fund or started a business, that property can be subject to division. Some exceptions exist for property owned before a marriage and for inherited property. To get a full assessment of your holdings, contact the firm today.

What Will Happen to My Retirement Account or Pension?

Depending on the length of your marriage and your personal circumstances, your retirement account and pension may be subject to property division. In many cases, Ms. Vital can negotiate a positive outcome before the court divides this property arbitrarily.

Do I Need to Change My Will and Estate?

Yes. Property division means that your holdings will no longer be the same as they were prior to your divorce. You should take a full accounting of your post-divorce property and adjust your will accordingly.

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