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Four mistakes to avoid while seeking child custody in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Uncategorized |

There are a few mistakes parents who want to obtain custody of their children should avoid as they move forward with the divorce process.

When people in Tennessee get a divorce, they often seek either sole or joint custody of their children. In sole custody situations, one parent is responsible for taking care of his or her children and making major decisions about them. Comparatively, in joint custody arrangements, both parents take part in caring for their children and making decisions about them. Parents who are seeking sole or joint custody as part of the divorce process should avoid making a few common mistakes that could harm their chances of winning custody.

1. Remaining inactive in your children’s lives

The court system looks favorably upon parents who play an active role in their children’s lives. For this reason, parents who want custody of their children should be able to show that they take part in caring for their children’s basic needs. They should also show that they are involved in other parts of their children’s lives by attending school events, doctor’s appointments, play dates and other engagements related to their children.

2. Speaking negatively of the other parent

While seeking child custody, the court system looks positively at parents who value their children’s relationship with their other parent. Due to this, former spouses who are constantly negative about their prior partner and who attempt to sabotage the relationship their children have with their other parent may have a difficult time obtaining the custody arrangement they desire.

3. Not being able to maintain emotional control

In the midst of a child custody case, it is essential to act with good judgement and consistent self-control. Parents who cannot maintain their composure in front of judges, attorneys, their children’s teachers and anyone else who might be involved in the custody case might find that their efforts to obtain custody of their children are unsuccessful.

4. Leaving behind harmful evidence

In today’s technological age, every comment, photograph or email has the potential to be used in a custody case. Parents should keep in mind that if they are prone to sending angry text messages, emails or ranting online to their friends or family members, they might be at risk of losing custody.

After deciding to get a divorce, parents in Tennessee may worry about their actions and how they might impact their ability to obtain custody of their children. In this situation, parents should look to an attorney in their area who can provide legal guidance as they move forward with their custody case.