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Legal Representation For Gray Divorce In Tennessee

Spouses over 50 face unique challenges in divorce. In addition to the potential for complex asset portfolios established over many years, divorce for older couples can involve estate planning complications, unique spousal support issues and other concerns that younger divorcing couples do not have to face.Patricia Best Vital is a Chattanooga, Tennessee, attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience. She is a licensed Tennessee mediator and a dedicated advocate for clients of the firm, Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services.

“I understand the unique issues that older couples face in divorce. My firm’s approach is to focus on my clients and their needs. I will listen to your concerns and your goals, and we will work together as a team throughout your divorce.”

Patricia Best Vital

Unique Concerns In Divorce For Senior Citizens

Divorcing couples over 50 have concerns and issues younger couples usually don’t have to face. First is time. Most older couples are a little less interested in a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. They want to end things quickly and simply.

Although child support and custody issues are less of a concern in gray divorces, most couples over 50 facing divorce want to finalize a divorce with minimal conflict. This approach can protect their important relationships with children, grandchildren and mutual friends.

In many cases, Ms. Vital helps gray divorce clients with mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve their conflicts efficiently and amicably.

Another important concern for older couples is money. More often than not, people amass greater wealth as they get older, and assets become more diversified in various properties and investments. Patricia Best Vital handles complex property division matters involving retirement benefits, investments, multiple properties and other complicated property division matters.

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