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Parental Rights FAQs

How Does Divorce Impact Families With Children?

Understandably, as a parent, your primary concern during divorce is the health and well-being of your child. Divorce can cause intense emotional strain on a growing child, and the prolonged exposure to unstable — and sometimes unsafe — environments can be detrimental to childhood development. As your attorney, Ms. Vital helps you balance the delicate relationship between protecting your rights to your child and providing a dependable and well-balanced environment in which they can grow.

Are you concerned about your rights as a parent? Contact attorney Patricia Best Vital today at 423-822-2513.

How Does A Court Decide Custody?

Tennessee courts evaluate many factors when determining what is best for a child, including parental history, parental finances, the child’s education and the child’s wishes. However, court-mandated custody orders are often arbitrary. In many cases, the best thing parents can do is determine an agreement that is suitable to both parties before ever going to court. The firm offers in-court services and extensive dispute resolution services.

How Do I Provide A Caring Environment For My Child After Divorce?

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to provide a calm, predictable environment. This often means approaching co-parenting calmly, respectfully and cooperatively. As an attorney with extensive dispute resolution training, Ms. Vital can help you achieve a mutually beneficial co-parenting agreement and maintain a sense of civility in your relationship with your child’s other parent.

Can I Change My Custody Agreement?

Yes. Families change and adapt. As a result, a previously ideal custody and visitation schedule may not fit your family only a few years later. As your child grows and joins extracurriculars and your family dynamic changes, a modification may be necessary. In those cases, Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services can help you regain your sense of stability and equilibrium.

Contacting The Firm

You can reach attorney Patricia Best Vital at her Chattanooga office by calling 423-822-2513 or by completing her online contact form. For quality legal representation and over 20 years of experience, call Ms. Vital today.