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Civil litigation requires extensive knowledge of the law and procedural rules. It demands a keen attention to detail as well as an abiding grasp of the big picture. A skilled litigator understands how to analyze legal options both in light of their present ramifications and future consequences.

At Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services in Chattanooga, civil litigation attorney Patricia Best Vital offers skilled and experienced representation in a variety of practice areas. For more than 20 years, she has helped clients navigate the complexities of the court system. She is diligent and persistent in helping clients achieve their objectives.

Ms. Vital balances a meticulous attention to detail with an unwavering focus on advancing clients’ goals.

Experienced In Civil Litigation

Ms. Vital represents individuals and businesses in a broad range of civil litigation, including:

  • Conservatorship and guardianship proceedings
  • Landlord representation in eviction proceedings and landlord rights’ cases
  • Breach of contract claims

As a mediator and arbitrator in certain areas of law, Ms. Vital draws on a wealth of training, skills and experience to protect clients’ interests through litigation. She is an effective and diligent advocate in the courtroom.

Dedicated To Building Attorney-Client Relationships Founded On Trust

Mutual trust should be at the foundation of any attorney-client relationship. Attorney Vital firmly believes in the importance of developing trust-based relationships. She understands the centrality of teamwork in achieving a favorable outcome.

The role of an attorney is, in part, to offer realistic counsel on the various options available. Ms. Vital is careful to avoid overinflating clients’ expectations. Clients appreciate her straightforward and realistic advice. She helps clients explore not only the immediate effects of decisions, but also the potential consequences that may arise in the future

Contact A Hamilton County Conservatorship/Guardianship Attorney And General Civil Litigator

To obtain the assistance of an experienced lawyer who is skilled in litigation, contact Vital Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services at 423-822-2513. The firm offers evening and weekend appointments in addition to standard weekday appointments for your convenience.

The firm is located on Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga, between the historic Read House Hotel and the Tivoli Theatre. However, Ms. Vital is willing to travel throughout southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia.